but I'm on the third page and I can't begin a new sheet.

great author, driving home the cows.

I've been reading the English classics.) Judy

to wear, sufficient water to wash in, and a furnace in the cellar. I never told him about the orphan asylum, and I hated to explain

PS. I've just looked at the calendar. It's the 28th. Maybe I'm not American; lots of people aren't. I may be straight

It was such a lark! Especially for me, because it was so awfully

15th November

This is the hardest letter I ever wrote, but I have decided

Goodbye--I'll promise never to be horrid again, because now I

come back to the asylum and work for my board until college opens.

then I could come and visit you every day, and read aloud and plump up

5th March

persistently set against temptation. Don't be cross with me,